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Introducing React Food Truck

React Food Truck is a curated set of extensions for discerning React developers who use VS Code. And if you’re a discerning developer, you will of course be using VS Code. Or you won’t, but you should be, because much like the great Redwoods of California, you won’t find the React Food Truck anywhere else. I’m not saying that React Food Truck is in the woods; that was probably a terrible analogy.

Angular... It’s You, Not Me.

It’s been 2 1/2 years that we’ve been together. I knew you before I even really knew JavaScript. There’s no easy way to say this. I’m breaking up with you. I’ve done everything I can, but you’ve hurt me too many times.

How to Organize React Files Before It’s Messed Up

You got to keep your home organized to find things when you’re in need. That’s also correct for programming too. Are you putting your socks into the correct drawer? Let’s find it out.

Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns ⚛️ 🎁 🆓

I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to what I can call my best work to date: Two new video courses available now on Egghead.io! They are both free now so I encourage you to give them a look!

Don’t Over React! Render Binary Data without Epileptic Fits

Sooner or later, your React web app will probably accept file uploads—perhaps to change out a user’s avatar or share images on a social site. In modern browsers, the story for working with binary data is downright impressive thanks to objects like File, Blob and ArrayBuffer. You can even store large complex binary data directly in the browser with IndexedDB!

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