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I18n with React and i18next

More and more apps are being designed for the global market which means your app will need to work for an audience using various languages and dialects. React does not have internationalization (i18n) built-in, but it is not hard to internationalize an app, especially with the help from i18next.

Next Level Webpack Dashboard

Webpack-dashboard has over 10 thousand stars on Github but yet I almost never encounter it. Why are we not taking advantage of this great plugin — I’m looking at you create-react-app and vue-cli 😊

Securing a React Web App With Server-side Authentication

Security is one of the most important considerations when building a production app, and often times it is left out as a second thought in the client-heavy apps built using React, Angular, and what not in the JAM stack.

Creating a chat web app using Express.js, React.js & Socket.io

In this article I will be creating a chat web app using Express.js, React & Socket.io. I will be using Bootstrap for styling. You will see how the final files should look like in the end.

Testing React components

Testing is hard. We all know it. It’s practically a separate skill that needs to be constantly trained and improved in addition to your usual programming abilities. That’s why people find it scary, especially when they’re coming from back-end environment. In this blog post I want to prove to you that testing your React frontend may actually be easy to set up and quite pleasant to do.

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