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Explore the Powerful Features of the ExtReact Infinite Grid

A grid can be one of the most frustrating UI components to build in React. Try ExtReact for free today and see how easy it is to add the grid and many other data-driven components like D3 charts, graphs, calendar and more, into your applications

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Apollo Link: The modular GraphQL network stack

When we started building Apollo Client, our goal was to empower people to use GraphQL in the way they want. This goal, and countless conversations with developers using GraphQL, drives all of our design decisions. (For example, we started by integrating with Redux because that’s what most React developers were familiar with.)

React Animations in Depth

5 Options for React Web Animations, and which of these are cross-platform.

Building an offline-first app with React and RxDB

Offline functionality is becoming an increasingly important part of an app’s user experience. This is not just important for apps that function offline-first, but for web or mobile JavaScript apps that work with intermittent internet connectivity.

Redux-First Router - Just dispatch actions

Routing is one of those classic topics that comes up again and again. HTML5 History API itself is quite simple, but there are different opinions on how to apply the idea of routing on web applications and sites.

Using Horizon/RethinkDB with React

Horizon is an open source Backend as a Service (BaaS) that allows developers to easily build data-driven web and mobile applications. Horizon, which is built on RethinkDB and by the RethinkDB team, facilitates common application development tasks like backend setup, real-time data transfer, security and scalability. Horizon can be run locally, on a private server or in the cloud.

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