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Explore the Powerful Features of the ExtReact Infinite Grid

Multi-directional scrolling with a fixed header, paging, grouping and editing data in cells are just a few of the capabilities of the ExtReact grid. Try ExtReact for free to see how easy it is to add the grid and many other components into your applications.

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A React App Infinite Scroll Slider

Recently I’ve been learning about the React framework coming from a AngularJS background. My day job still relies on AngularJS and I haven’t had the chance to get into building any applications with React. Finally I decided it was time to dig in for myself and start building some React components.

Yubaba – Orchestrated page transitions

Yubaba is an animation orchestration library that aims to make complex animations between page elements easy. React bindings are available, with Vue, Angular, and more coming soon.

Why you need keys for collections in React.

Keys are important when rendering collections of items in React. They are used under the hood by React to determine what needs to be rendered or re-rendered.

Evil things you do with redux — dispatch in updating lifecycle methods

In the code base I work on, we are doing an evil thing. Something that shouldn’t be done. We are making dispatch calls in React lifecycle methods such as componentWillReceiveProps, componentWillUpdate, and componentDidUpdate.

You’ve got React Native all wrong

You hear a lot of buzz about React Native these days, yet most people seem to talk about its ability to run on multiple platforms as its main benefit. However, I think this ignores so many advantages it has over the other options.

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