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Full Stack Fest 2017: Problems of today, wonders from the future

Barcelona, 4-8 Sept. 2017 – Are you a curious mind? Full Sack Fest is a week-long conference based in the amazing city of Barcelona that peeks into the web of tomorrow. Serverless, Blockchain, WebVR, Distributed Web, Progressive Web Apps... Come and see! Early bird tickets available with a 10% discount using the code DIGEST.

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Serverless server-side rendering with React using Redux or MobX

Nearly two years ago, I started using React and I’ve always been curious about doing server-side rendering, but never bothered. Partly because the largest application I was working on had most of its content behind a login and didn’t need massive SEO on every page, but also because it seemed like a huge hassle and the tools were, let’s say, “evolving,” very quickly.

Reducing our Redux code with React Apollo

I’m a firm believer that the best code is no code. More code often leads to more bugs and more time spent maintaining it. At Major League Soccer, we’re a very small team, so we take this principle to heart. We try to optimize where we can, either through maximizing code reuse or lightening our maintenance burden.

Why I Chose React Over Vue

Have you noticed my overly diplomatic title? It’s an attempt to frame this conversation in terms of what I prefer rather than what I believe to be objectively better in hope of diverting a flame war. I imagine it will not work.

React v15.6.0

Today we are releasing React 15.6.0. As we prepare for React 16.0, we have been fixing and cleaning up many things. This release continues to pave the way.

Using Microcosm Presenters to Manage Complex Features

In addition to adding text, photos, and buttons to their emails, users can add code blocks which let them manually enter HTML to be inserted into the email. The feature in question was to add server-side code santization, to make sure user-submitted HTML isn't invalid or potentially malicious.

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