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React Digest#280


How to Build a React Form without the Hassle (Video)

Building React forms from scratch can be messy. How do you deal with form validation or styling, for example? An efficient and easier way is to use the React form library available in KendoReact, a professional UI component library. Learn more in the video.

this week's favorite

Fetching Data in React with useEffect

So you’re building a component, and need to fetch some data from an API before rendering your component. You’ve been told that useEffect is the way for fetching data, but all you can find is discussion about side-effects (particularly in the official useEffect docs).

Optimize React Apps PageSpeed Insights Score

PageSpeed Insights is a very powerful tool by Google. It allows us to analyze our website’s performance and figure out ways we can improve it.

10 React security best practices

Looking for the best ways to secure your React app? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Quickly Consume a GraphQL API from React

GraphQL is a query language that aims to replace REST APIs by providing consumers with a clear description of the data in the API. By combining these two technologies, you can quickly connect to an API with your React.js application.

Setup ESLint for React with Prettier, pre-commit and VSCode

A Guide to setting up ESLint for React with Prettier, Pre-commit Hook and Visual Studio Code for better development with linting and code formatting that works with your editor.