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React Digest#286


Skeleton Screens for React Apps

Let’s learn why skeleton screens (wireframe previews) are a better load indicator than the usual old spinners, and then look at how to add them. Read more.

this week's favorite

React Interview Questions

A huge list of more than 300 interview questions for React developers.

Theming and Theme Switching with React and styled-components

I recently had a project with a requirement to support theming on the website. It was a bit of a strange requirement, as the application is mostly used by a handful of administrators. An even bigger surprise was that they wanted not only to choose between pre-created themes, but build their own themes.

Video Chatting and Screen Sharing with React

To create a video chatting and screen sharing application requires three major setup: basic React setup for handling UI, backend for maintaining socket connection and a peer server to maintain create peer-to-peer connection and to maintain it.

Strongly typing react-querys useQueries

With version 3 of react-query, a new hook was added: useQueries. This hook allows you fetch a variable number of queries at the same time.

Dnd kit – a modern drag and drop toolkit for React

There's a new kit on the block. A lightweight, performant, accessible and extensible drag & drop toolkit for React.