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React Digest#332


Build a React Chat Application

In a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to launch a chat app using our React component library.

this week's favorite

Learn React animations by creating a Stripe inspired menu

I’m of the idea that you can very easily distinguish good sites from expert sites. The core difference is in the level of attention to detail.

How to create modern cards using React and Tailwind

One of my favorite components is undoubtedly cards and the reasons are very simple, they can have many uses.

Creating a React custom hook using TDD

In this post join me as I create a React Custom Hook which will encapsulate the logic behind a simple Pagination component.

Rethink modals management in React

We create various internal user interface (UI) applications with React inside eBay. Modals, or pop-ups, are widely used to build these complex UI apps. They open a separate window to provide additional information for users, and act similar to a user opening a new browser window — except, with modals, a user can’t leave it until it’s closed.

Tamagui — React Native + Web UI kit

Universal React design systems that optimize for native & web.